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Earn $1,000 + Per Day on LinkedIn



“Over 20 years in business development, I build micro businesses that work “

I always wondered how to leverage LinkedIn into a business for me. After all, I have nearly 5,700 connections but what good were they doing? So now, that I have more time after retiring from M&A ownership, I found time to dedicate to it.

And I found it. I developed a micro business that earns me $1,000 – $2,000 per day on LinkedIn. And it would take me less than half a day to teach you. The better part is that it costs nothing to make it work. It is all online and can be run from anywhere.

It works on social media too.

You will be licensed to sell my business database containing over 660,000 USA businesses. You can sell them as a whole or divide them up into states (or both). You will receive the databases both ways. The entire licensing package with the database is only $500 and goes toward a great cause!

The databases are the same databases used by my M&A businesses.

It is so simple. Using my training, you will contact your connections regarding purchasing a database of business owners in his or her region.

They pay you and you send them the database. It is simple to sell two an hour at $500 apiece.

High Demand

Let’s face it. The biggest obstacle facing service professionals is customer acquisition. The old schools days of dialing for dollars are gone. So are the yellow pages and knocking on doors. They just don’t know how to reach customers. Then you come along equipped with a massive database of business owners carefully cultivated by industry experts. They are all over it.

Earn $1,000+ Per Hour Selling Business Databases

Includes full training – all you are doing is buying the leads database and license for $500 (USD).

All proceeds go toward my charity helping struggling single parents.



The primary purchasers of the databases are service professionals who work with business owners. All databases include owner emails that particularly interest the business owners.

About Me

First My Background

After more than 20 years owning and developing M&A and business brokerage firms, I decided it was time to retire and enjoy life without the stress of running international businesses. Not to mention, it is a very cutthroat industry where it is commonplace to slander others. I was the victim never the attacker.

More About Me

“It totally made sense. I have something business professionals need – leads!  I had one connection send me back $1,000 instead of $500 because he thought it was worth it.”

Saundra Rice

“Going to my connections with a  database of business leads was amazing. It is really easy to make a grand in an hour or two at night. My connections are more active then”

Scott Levin

“I have been taken by other opportunities like this but I figured what the heck. Scott is clearly a top professional in his industry and, sure enough, it is legit! “

Damien Thomas


Training package includes how to use your LinkedIn connections as your client base.

Social Media

Training package includes how to use social media as a great sales tool reaching buyers.

Online Sales

Training package includes training on utilizing online sales platforms to generate sales.


All proceeds  will go toward helping Micheli Sparks and her daughter Chloe in Indiana. After Micheli lost her husband to sudden illness, she was left fending for herself struggling to make her daughter’s special needs medical bills. Thank you.

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