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industry pioneer



Scott Radin has been an industry leader in the business brokerage industry since 2001. He has developed over 500 brokerages in six countries. Scott has worked with more than 30,000 business buyers and owns a whopping 12 businesses in business development and business brokering. He has also been victimized by numerous online slander / extortion web sites by unnamed people wanting to ruin him.

Scott Radin is now an industry leader in fighting known slander / extortion sites and has taken on and it’s owner personally. He now helps the victims of these sites fight back.

Scott Radin is very active helping young people out of bad personal environments. He has helped young people with living money, utilities and housing. Since December of 2019, he has helped the young out of financial trouble and mentors them to succeed. Scott has been known to take young people into his home for lodging allowing them to fix themselves without life’s financial and emotional stresses.