WARNING: do not visit ripoffreport.com. If you do, clear your history and cookies immediately. They are well known for tracking visitors then posting false complaints on the visitors then selling their reputation repair services for $20,000 or more.

Fighting Online Slander

I have also achieved international recognition for standing up to known extortion site ripoffreport.com. A multiple victim of extortion myself on ripoffreport.com, I work with other advocates trying to get the FTC to ban this site. Both Fox News and 60 Minutes (amongst others) have done expose’s on this site referring to it as an “extortionist” site.


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About Scott Radin

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo NY. My late dad (deceased 2015) was a successful real estate and estate attorney in Western New York including heading the Erie County NY Bar Association. My mother, a stay-at-home mom, currently resides in North Carolina. I moved to North Carolina in April 2019 after separating from my wife of 19 years. I chose to move there to live close to my mother as her support and care giver. I currently live alone with my dogs Beau and Dakoda. I am in the process of relocating to Asheville NC.



I was an accomplished ice hockey player playing AAA travel hockey as a youth in the USA and Canada. I attended the prestigious Nichols School in Buffalo NY known for their nationally recognized prep school hockey program and dozens of current and former NHL players. A four-year letter winner, I captained the team my senior year. I was also was a baseball pitcher at Nichols, being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in 1983. I bypassed a baseball career and attended Bethany College where I captained the ice hockey team.



My professional career after college started in title insurance where, for many years, I moved up into district management. I worked for companies like Chicago Title, Stewart Title and Land America Title. In 1999, I went into self-ownership starting a sales and marketing company that provided leads development and sales training. I formed his local business brokerage firm, A.S. Radin & Associates, in 2001. That company is now The Scott Radin Group.