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Scott’s professional career after college started in title insurance where, for many years, he moved up into district management. He worked for companies like Chicago Title, Stewart Title and Land America Title. In 1999, he went into self-ownership starting a sales and marketing company that provided leads development and sales training.

He formed his local business brokerage firm, A.S. Radin & Associates, in 2001. That company remains active to date though its direction has changed over the years. CONTRARY to Google Places search results, the business is not in Orchard Park NY nor closed. It has been located in Hampstead NC since April 2019. The Orchard Park location was closed when relocated to North Carolina.

Scott Radin has trained more than 500 business brokers, worked with more than 2,000 business owners or brokers in six countries and more than 30,000 people seeking businesses to purchase.

Successful business broker in Western New York

  • 2001 – 2012

Developer of business brokerage licensing opportunities

  • 2001 – 2020

Developer of a business acquisition financing networks

  • 2001 – Date

Developer of an M&A network of mid-sized businesses

  • 2019 – Date

Developer of buyer network for mid-sized businesses

  • 2009 – Date

Developer of Business Seller Coaching services

  • 2020 – Date

Acclaimed for his work assisting victims of online slander

  • 2008 – Date

Developer of The Young Entrepreneur mentor network

  • 2018 – Date