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Over 660,000 business owners will be invited to join our EDGE network. These are business owners I had in my M&A Business Network.

the network

We are recruiting professional service providers for this network. A network is only as good as its members – you!


As we populate the directory, business owners will be able to find you by search from both your profession and your geography.


There will be a directory by professions and areas. This was the most popular in our network at the M&A Business Advisory Group.

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Starting August 9, 2021, I will be contacting all 662,233 business owners in my former M&A Business Network providing them access to a private network of service providers. That is where you come in. We need you to add your service to our network. This network will be a major part of our EDGE network at The EDGE Enterprises. You are invited to become part of this network for FREE. This is my newest business after retiring from owning international M&A firms in early June. I am ONLY bringing over the largest network of business owners in the country!

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Here are the professionals we need.

  • Business Development / Business Coaches
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping professionals
  • Business Finance Professionals
  • Business Insurance Professionals
  • Commercial Real Estate Professionals

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