How were the leads collected?

All business owners were recruited in to learn more about prepping his or her business for sale. They are given access to a private area. They were found using social media, digital and email campaigns.

Are there phone numbers?

Phone numbers have been removed. I am not going to take the risk of someone selling the phone numbers or robocalling them.

What’s the best way to email?

Do  not use mass mailers like Mail Chimp etc. All emails sent to public domains will go to spam. I’d be happy to share how I do it.

Can I buy using credit card?

No, the fees drastically eat into the donations. I want 100% going to my  charity. Most banks have Zelle built in and Zelle doesn’t charge fees to send or receive.

Are you a not for profit?

No, this is just my way of helping struggling single parents. If requested, I will provide you a receipt for your taxes.

Why struggling single parents.

The parents I help were put into a situation that they did not create. I have the utmost respect for them juggling work and parenting. If I can help them, the parent will likely pay it forward and the child or children will be taken care of.