scott radin

extortion victim

VERY IMPORTANT: If you visited then you need to delete your history and cookies ASAP. They are widely known for tracking visitors, gathering information then making visitors a victim with fake complaints.


Scott Radin is widely applauded for his pro bono work with business owners who have fallen victim to slander posted on known extortion web sites like He champions the cause of fighting back for other victims. He is also a leader in the cause of bringing these extortion web sites to light and currently working on getting the FTC to step in. THE REASON WHY? Scott has also been victimized.

Scott Radin, The Victim

Scott has been victimized multiple times on a known extortion web site. First, starting in 2009 / 2010, he was attacked anonymously many times by one person using multiple fake names to destroy his reputation after he would not give in to these extortion attempts. IHe was given high praise by how he stood up to it and, indirectly, helped grow his businesses.

In 2010 he was chronicled by CNN and Fox News news for being the victim of the worst online attacks ever seen on the Internet.

Then, after he terminated a key employee at the end of October 2019, this employee began attacking Scott to his clients trying to ruin him. Scott immediately procured multiple restraining orders stopping this employee. The employee then began attacking Scott anonymously multiple times on the same extortion site using many fake names trying to ruin his reputation. The ex employee basically used the extortion attempts of 2009 / 2010 as a blueprint for trying to ruin Scott more recently.