Endorse  Me

I am going to run for president in 2024. This is not a joke. I have built multi million dollar businesses and now need to use this for the greater American good. I am only 56 so not the same old guard as we see now. A little about me…

  • I am not perfect and have made mistakes
  • I have skeletons but its all addressed online
  • I believe everyone in the country is racist
  • Racism only goes as far as we take it
  • To eliminate racism we need to be honest
  • National security shouldn’t be about money
  • National security is about closing borders
  • The national debt is easily fixed
  • It is easily fixed by collecting international debt
  • One year the country becomes cash flow positive
  • Or we wave goodbye to them
  • Not creating more debt in the USA
  • The right to life is arbitrary to states not SCOTUS
  • The right to die is up to families not government
  • China is an ally – not our place to judge them
  • We have no place getting involved in E. Europe
  • Israel is our friend but friends can disagree
  • Afghanistan is our family until clear
  • NASA is a colossal waste of money
  • COVID will never go away
  • But will just become the “flu”

This is not an insurrection like politicians have accused anyone of since January 6, 2021.It is a fresh start for a country rotting because of  old politicians not getting it.

I just need 1,000 people and I’m running!!!



Free Party Endorsement