from scott radin

In the beginning of 2019, I began a charitable fund now known as Brokerage Dynamics. Since then, over $300,000 has been raised through various charitable offerings of ours.

We have helped…

  • Disabled military veterans
  • Less privileged with education
  • Struggling single parents with challenged children
  • Now the fund helping those affected by COVID

We never ask purely for donations, rather we offer something of value in return.  These are actual cultivated opt-in databases not some generic business list.

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tremendous value

My offerings are very affordable with the proceeds going to community outreach programs. These offerings will not break your bank and will pay for itself thousands of times over.  And it goes toward helping out others. I know that there are endless fundraisers but very few – if any – that provide something tangible in return.

to the skeptics

I am sorry that you have such a negative outlook on life but I do not need to hear it. I have distributed over $300,000 in the last couple of years which is probably over $300,000 more than you have.

how do i distribute the funds?

I am working with various community outreach organizations and distribute to each twice a week.

“This is not my job. My job is running an international holdings company. I donate my time helping those less fortunate who need a break. Help me reach my goal of $50,000.”