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All proceeds from this website go to community outreach programs helping the homeless through our Brokerage Dynamics fund.

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My name is Scott Radin and I have been developing M&A and business brokerage networks since 2001. I am the first CEO role at the Centurion Company, an international brokerage holdings company.

The Centurion Company was founded in 2001 as A.S. Radin & Associates out of a home office in Buffalo NY. Since then, we have grown into an international power in the business brokerage industry. We work with the best industry professionals serving the business brokerage industry. And, we work with the best business brokers in the industry.

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We have verified business owner databases of business owners and their private emails available by state.


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Utilize our massive database of over 662,000 business owners in our M&A networks. We will send an email blast out to business owners into small or large areas.


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A verified opt-in database of 662,233 USA business owners. Cultivated by our M&A partners, this is a must have for business brokers operating brokerages nationally.


scott radin

I have more than 20 years in business brokerage and now I help business brokers. I have been involved in over 2,000 businesses sold worldwide and 100,000 buyers qualified. I take pride with whom I refer to business sellers.