business brokers

I am absolutely stunned and disappointed. Only 2.2 % of businesses brokers pledging a $50 donation for a database has honored their pledge. That is only ONE business broker of the 47 business brokers pledging has honored their commitment. Thanks Brad in OH. I have been in the business brokerage industry over 20 years and the depravity of  many business brokers never fails to amaze me.

If you are a business broker, help me improve these numbers. These databases benefit you more than the other professionals.

business consultants

Thank you. You are at 97% being 65 of 67 have honored their pledge and did so without me having to collect. I appreciate you all. And, I appreciate the kind feedback.

business lenders

Thank you too. You have are  at 100 % being 18 of 18  have honored their pledge and mostly did so without me having to collect. I appreciate you all. And, I appreciate the kind feedback.


tremendous value

It is only $50 or whatever you wish to offer. It doesn’t break your bank and will pay for itself thousands of times over.  And it goes toward helping out others. I know that there are endless fundraisers but very few – if any – that provide something tangible in return.

to the skeptics

I am sorry that you have such a negative outlook on life but I do not need to hear it. I have distributed over $300,000 in the last couple of years which is probably over $300,000 more than you have.

how do i distribute the funds?

I am working with various COVID Relief organizations in each state where we offer the database.  All funds collected for a state database are put back into COVID Relief organizations in that state.

By the way, I match all donations.

“This is not my job. My job is running an international holdings company. I donate my time helping those less fortunate who need a break. Help me reach my goal of $50,000.”


In the beginning of 2019, I began a charitable fund now known as Brokerage Dynamics. Since then, over $300,000 has been raised through various charitable offerings of ours.

We have helped…

  • Disabled military veterans
  • Less privileged with education
  • Struggling single parents with challenged children
  • Now the fund helping those affected by COVID

We never ask purely for donations, rather we offer something of value in return.  These are actual cultivated opt-in databases not some generic business list.