Business Broker  Leads

You are likely here because I have texted or emailed you about a business seller lead in your area. These are leads that need to be worked ASAP. I cannot believe the number of brokers who ignore it or need time to think about it like it’s a privilege or not legit. I stake my 20 years experience on every lead!

Through my M&A businesses, I put together a database of over 600,000 business owner leads.These business owners are given access to a private network where they are taught on preparing his or her business for sale. Then will then come to me to sell their business.

I am not interested in co-brokering or referral arrangements. I accept $500 for each qualified business seller lead. Yes I will guarantee it. These are leads that I  have cultivated and built relationships with. AND, I only give it to one broker rather than creating  a free for all.

Honestly, if you do not think paying this minimal amount for a real qualified lead is worth it, then good luck to you and I will not contact you about future leads.