Thank you Scott. My family and I are going to say a prayer for you for all that you are doing to help others!!!

Miguel t

I wasn’t expecting much from the database so I figured I was just giving a donation. Then I sent an email blast out and landed three consulting clients worth over $40K.

Jennifer W

I have been purchasing InfoUSA lists costing me over $2,000 each with some success. Then I used your database with at LEAST 10x better results. Thank You

Matthew p

Hey Scott appreciate you. Not only are you a good human being with a product that really works, but you also motivated me to help others in my own community.

Darnell n

Scott please share. I saw immediate value in the database for my business lending brokerage and thought $50 was not enough for what was offered. So I  sent $200  instead of $50. Now I have a massive sales funnel just from the database. People, donate more and you will be shocked how good the contacts are.

Brian y

Hon, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been following you for years and have always gotten involved and every time, you deliver as promised. Keep me updated on the next offering. For now I generated 25 business owner leads wanting me to help them.

Carrie w